"Living our Faith, Learning in Love"

"I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot, together we can do great things" Mother Teresa

"Love one another as I have loved you"John 13:34


Year 5

Week 14-Mrs Dutton's Letter to Year 5

A great list of 50 Books to try before Year 6. Have you read any of them?

Week 13- Mrs Dutton's Letter to Year 5

Week 13 What we've been up to (Despite the heat!)

The Lifecycle of Maisy Scanlon. Wasn't she cute?
Beautiful work from Chloe!
Isabel's Granny celebrates her 90th Birthday!
A super mammal's Gestation Poster by Isabel
Joseph's Bedroom Design
Ollie turns 10!
Those balloons are brilliant!

Chapter 2 of The Nowhere Emporium by Ross Mackenzie

Mrs Dutton's Letter to Year 5-Week 12 (Wk Beg 22/6/20)

HD Dumbledore's "Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times.." clip

"...if one only remembers to turn on the light." I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING. This is fully owned property of Warner Bros and J.K.Rowling.

The Nowhere Emporium by Ross Mackenzie

The Prologue read by Mrs Dutton

The Nowhere Emporium

Chapter 1-A Chance Encounter

Week 12-Look what we've been up to!

Joseph has made his Islamic Pattern
A simply beautiful prayer written by Izzy
Lifecycles by Joseph
Macey is 10-Whoop whoop!
What is that Izzy has?
Ollie has made a lava lamp-brilliant Science!
Finley has made this fantastic Gestation Poster!

Week 11 (Wk Beg 15.6.20)

Week 11 (15.6.20) Mrs Dutton's letter to Year 5

Maisy's excellent powerpoint about lifecycles of creatures found at Formby.

Ava's wonderful Artwork from this week's learning.

Still image for this video

Joseph's Gaming Dance

Still image for this video

Welcome back. It's June!

Week 10 (8.6.20)Letter from Mrs Dutton for Year 5

Mrs Dutton's Week 10 Quizzy Bees Quiz

Birthday Boys!

Week 9 (18.5.20)

Mrs Dutton's Letter to Year 5-Week 9 (Week Beg 18/5/20)

Week 9 Quaranteam Year 5 Quiz

What we have been doing in Week 8 of Home Learning

Week 8 (Week Beg 11.5.20) Letter for Year 5

Ted's Great Grandy's account of the War-How fascinating!

Finley's Air Resistance Experiment-Well done Finley!

Still image for this video

Look what we got up to in Week 7 of Lockdown

Chloe and Alanya bake for Dad's 40th Birthday!
Joseph's RAF Grandad's Sky Diving is admired
Great writing about the Evacuees
Bowling Pro!
Maisy's Evacuee Writing
Writing about Lourdes
Will's all set for VE Day
Chloe writes a Postcard from the Titanic!
Joseph's VE day decorations
VE Day lunch
Ted's Great Grandy's account of the War

Max's VE Day Powerpoint

Week 7 Letter from Mrs Dutton

An Activity Booklet from the DfE

Week 7 Just a few of the great things we've been up to

Our amazing uplifting Spring Photographs- Week 6

Week 6-Letter for Year 5 from Mrs Dutton

Week 5 Look what we've been up to!

Finley bakes cinnamon buns
Amaya's written work about St George
Delilah's Coco enjoying Springtime
Delilah hides
Freya and Finley's rainbows
Joe amazing golf course
Lexi on her bike!
Ollie has definitely grown!
Ted builds a table for Billy!
Ralph and Izzy-What's that they've got?
Making jam tarts!
Isabel's poem-Please read!
A fabulous dragon by Joseph
Dylan bakes Banana Bread
George and the Dragon work
Izzy experiments with pink hair dye! Looks great!
Afternoon Tea with Josephs
Macey makes Afternoon Tea for her Mum's Birthday!
Springtime Beauty

Welcome back! I hope eveyone had a lovely Easter-Mrs Dutton

Letter from Mrs Dutton for Week 5

Week 4 of Lockdown and look what we've been up to...and it's not just eating chocolate.

Letter from Mrs Dutton for Week 3's Learning

What we got up to in Week 2 and during Holy Week (Week 3)

Wonderful gardens

Look what we have been up to during Week 1

Year 5 do lockdown

Year 5 spend time fostering a love of reading in our Nursery children.
Year 5 prepare Hakka dances inspired by the New Zealand All Black Rugby team. 

Y5 enjoy their first Trumpet Lesson with Mr Thomas from Trafford Music Service

Musical skills

Still image for this video

Painting in the style of Vincent Van Gogh

We are Anglo-Saxons!

Deer stalking

Warriors and Shield Maidens

Letter about our Anglo-Saxon/Viking Day at Tatton Park