"Living our Faith, Learning in Love"

"I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot, together we can do great things" Mother Teresa

"Love one another as I have loved you"John 13:34




We are going to try to make the maths a bit more exciting, you can of course continue to play counting games and singing number songs. But there are also some exciting bubble activities to enjoy below.

First, Bubble Mixture

You can buy bubble mixture really cheaply these days.

You can of course buy bubble mixture or  also make your own. I use:

1 part washing up liquid

4 parts water

(Optional) Some glycerine

The glycerine is very much an optional extra, but it does apparently help the

bubbles to get a lot bigger. To be honest, though, I never really use it.


To make the perfect bubble mixture here are some pointers:


1. Make sure everything you use to make it is clean – i.e. the bowls, spoons

and everything else. Any dirt will effect the quality of the bubbles

2. Use a washing up liquid that doesn’t smell too fruity, to discourage any

children that may want to drink it. Some washing up liquids smell delicious,

and this is best avoided.

Right, now on with the activities…


1. Blowing Bubbles In A Bowl

Counting something that moves is quite a different skill to counting something

that stays still. Also, some objects are permanent and some only temporary –

they last for a few seconds, then poof they are gone.

Bubbles are great for both of these concepts. They move about and they only

have a short lifespan.


For this first activity you need some bubble mixture (either bought or homemade),

small bowls and straws. This can also be done in a larger format in a

water tray or big trough (and forget the bowls).

The idea is that the children have a small amount of bubble mixture in a bowl,

and one straw. They blow into the bubble mixture. This makes multiple

bubbles mushroom up out of the bowl.

The idea is that you then pop one bubble at a time and count as they burst.

This is great for 1:1 counting, and cementing in your head that you point as

you say one number.

Simply go ‘1,2,3…’ and keep popping and counting. An excellent strategy for

Nursery children. However, pretty much all

children and even adults will enjoy and benefit from this fun counting activity.



2. Wait For The Pop

This is similar to the last game, but you don’t pop with your fingers. You

blow the bubbles, and then wait for them to pop by themselves, which they do

relatively frequently. Count the bubbles as they magically pop themselves.

Great for a bit of patience,  as well as a fun  counting game.



3. Fine Motor Pop

In this game, once again blow some bubbles so they mushroom up out of the

bowl. Then use something small to pop the bubbles. Some good things to use

would be:

1. A cocktail stick

2. A lolly stick

3. A matchstick

4. A pencil

Basically use something small that encourages a pincer grip, or holding the

item between thumb and finger. Excellent for fine motor as well as counting

at the same time.

Simply go round popping the bubbles whilst counting as you do it.


4 Dragons

This is one of the  most ultimate activities ever!

All you need for this are some recycled plastic bottles, and some old socks that

you don’t need any more. Green socks would be perfect, but are not essential.

What you do is cut the bottom off the bottle (adults please be careful). Then you

put the sock over the bottle, so that the open end of the bottle is still visible (the part you drink from).

Then dip the end of the bottle with the sock stretched on it into some bubble mixture.


Then blow through the drinking end!

Loads of frothy bubbles shoot out of the sock in a kind of foam! The idea is

that it is a dragon breathing terrible smoke!

You can really jazz this up by trying some of the following:

1. Use green socks so it really looks like a dragon

2. Stick googly eyes on your dragon

3. It could be a monster or other character

4. Put some paint on the bottom of the sock where the bubbles come out.

Then the bubbles are colored!

5. To make ‘fire’ come out of the dragon’s mouth, put yellow and red paint.

This makes multicolored fire.


What’s this got to do with number?

It’s that you can incorporate measuring length into this activity.

Blow the foam snakes onto the ground and keep on blowing. You can make

incredibly long columns of froth.


Then get some kind of measuring stick or string that has sections on it. Place

it alongside and count the sections.


You could then do some of the following:

i) Record how long each one is in some way

ii) Find out which is longest

iii) Find out how much longer one foam snake is than another

iv) Or simple talk about which is the longest, shortest, bubbliest!


As well as number, this snake-blowing is a kind of beautiful yoga-like

experience. It’s great for deep-breathing, even though children have no idea

that they are doing this.


Have fun and keep counting.