"Living our Faith, Learning in Love"

"I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot, together we can do great things" Mother Teresa

"Love one another as I have loved you"John 13:34



Week 14 (6.7.20) Please choose to read and answer questions about the 1000 year old Viking Ship discovered OR The first Arrivals in America or the Magic and Mystery Story

Week 12- (Wk Beg 22.6.20) Listen to Ross Mackenzie's Writer's Masterclass on Authorfy

Week 12 (22.6.20) Newsroom Story for 9-11yr olds about Marcus Rashford. Also some good Reading Skills about Mount Everest and Mars Revisited. Please choose the one one right for you. There are new books on Bug Club too.

Week 11 (15.6.20) Please visit the Discovery Espresso Site and choose one of the comprehensions in the UKS2 section

Week 11 (Week Beg 15/6/20) Alternatively , please choose Reading skills exercises below.

Week 10 (8.6.20) Newsroom Quick Reading Skills about ISS mission SpaceX

Week 10 (Wk Beg: 8.6.20) Please choose to read either Storytellers or Savriti's Tale on Bug Club. Try to answer as many Bugs as possible.

Week 9 (Week beg 18.5.20) Please read about Sharks on Bug Club. Answer as many Bugs as possible. Well done everyone who read last week. Any problems witrh passwords please let me know.

Week 9 (Wk beg 18.5.20) There is a Y5 Reading Lesson on Friday on BBC Bitesize that you might enjoy. The text is Pocketful of Stars by Aisha Bushby.

Week 8 (Wk Beg 11.5.20) Please try this book on Bug Club.

Week 8 (Wk beg 11.5.20) The Authorify website is fabulous! Please choose one of the two authors below. Visit the website to out about them and their books on a masterclass.


Steve Mould

Katherine Rundell

Week 8 (Wk Beg 11.5.20) Please try on of the Reading Skills sheets to have a go at.

Week 7 (Wk Beg: 4.5.20) Try this topical text on Bug Club. Don't forget to answer the bugs!

Week 7 (Wk beg: 4/5/20): Newswise Project-Learning to read the News

Great books about The Titanic

Week 6 (Wk beg 27/04/20) There is a Reading lesson this coming Friday 1st May The London Eye Mystery by Siobhan Dowd

Quick Easter Reading Skills- For the Wk Beg 4th April 2020

Please read widely on Bug Club and for pleasure