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Week 14 (6.7.20) Making A Scroll Drawing

Watch how to make a scroll drawing - a drawing exercise for ages 5 upwards. Find more drawing projects at www.accessart.org.uk and in Drawing Projects for Children by Paula Briggs, published by Black Dog Press. Artwork by Rowan Briggs Smith and music by Imogen Ransome.

Week 13-A Design Challenge and the chance to win 35, 000 dollars.

NASA lunar loo challenge seeks bathroom solutions

Week 13 (29/6/20) How to Use the Toilet in Space | Video

More space news and info at: http://www.coconutsciencelab.com - Tim Peake answers the question that astronauts get asked the most: how do you use the toilet ...

Astronaut Shows How to Use a Space Toilet | ISS Video

More space news and info at: http://www.coconutsciencelab.com - ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti shows how to use the toilet on the International Space S...

What's Your Space? All you need is a cardboard box to do this fun work.

Week 12 (22.6.20) Exploring David Parr House with a resource created by AccessArt and the #BeACreativeProducer Team for Primary Aged Children

Week 10 (Week Beg 8/6/20) Drawing Small

This is "DrawingSmall" by AccessArt on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

The aim of this exercise is to help you tune in to drawing as an activity. 

Relax into this drawing exercise and don’t put pressure on yourself to make an amazing drawing. Sometimes making a drawing can feel like a big ask, especially if you think that drawing is not your thing (we’ll prove that wrong!).

Repeat this exercise over a few days, each time choosing a different “small” object, and you’ll soon see how the marks you make change and improve. 

So let’s start small and take it one tiny drawing at a time!

You Will Need:

  • Paper
  • Pen or pencil
  • Collection of small objects (see below)


Scout round the house to find small objects…


Think about small food items…

To Begin

Your challenge is to draw a collection of tiny objects – by tiny we mean things which are roughly the size of a five pence piece – things like small shells, pebbles, leaves, beads, screws. Popcorn also makes a good subject matter and even dead flies if you can find a few  

Start by scattering the objects over a large, clean sheet of paper. Take a pen or sharp pencil, and make sure you are near to the objects so that you can really see all their detail.

Begin by making sketches on the page, amongst the objects themselves. You should be making tiny movements with your fingers and hands – drawing from the wrist, but other than that draw however you feel most comfortable. This exercise is just to help you focus, relax, and begin to coordinate hand and eye, so don’t worry too much about results or technique.

Make as many sketches as you like, on as many sheets as you like.

As you draw, become aware of the relationship between looking and drawing. Let your eyes flit between looking at the object and looking at your sketch – it’s easy to concentrate more on your sketch and to forget to keep looking at the object. Ideally you should look at the object for a few seconds, then your drawing for a few seconds, then the object, then the drawing…

Also begin to become aware of how you can change the the marks you make in response to what you see. For example experiment with how much pressure you use, in different parts of the drawing. 

There will be no mistakes and you can’t really go wrong. You are just making quick sketches. Each sketch should only take a couple of minutes…. Enjoy drawing small!


Extension Activity

Try this extension activity:

Hold a sharp pencil or a pen at the very top (i.e. away from the drawing end). This means you have less control over the marks you make. Keeping your pen or pencil upright, make more drawings of the small objects. Watch how having less control makes the marks you make more “spidery”. Does it make your drawings more or less intense? Keep trying – it takes practice.

Week 10 (Week Beg 8.6.20) Drawing Small-Access Art.

Week 9-(Week Beg 18.5.20) Maria and all the Grannies (Nonnas) of the World : A story of kindness during the 2020 Coronavirus crisis

Visual Audio-Book based on the PictureBook "Maria and all the Grannies of the World", illustrated children story created during the first three/four months of the global outbreak of the Coronavirus Covid-19 in 2020.

Week 8 (11.5.20) Who can build a simple machine?

Week 8- (11.5.20) Flick Book Animation-Can anyone make a flip book of their catapult invention or of their life in lockdown? Be creative!

By the #BeACreativeProducer Team

Week 8- How to make a Catapult Simple and Basic

How to make a Catapult This is an easy to make catapult using some craft sticks and rubber bands. It can launch small objects several feet if used correctly....

Week 7 (4.5.20) Can you make a spitfire or a Lancaster Bomber to fly on Friday? I have set a 2Do Art/Pattern activity on Purple Mash to help you.


Week 7 (4.5.20) Designing a British Superhero. What would you call him?

Week 6-(wk beg 27/04/20) DT CHALLENGE: Use junk modelling techniques and recycling to make a model of the Titanic. Will it sink?

STEM Challenge: Boat Building

Individually, or in partners/groups, students work against a criteria and constraints list to build a boat that is designed for capacity and/or speed. Boat B...

Week 6-The man and the castle!

How to Take Fun Photos in Nature | My Shot Photo Tips with Hilary

To help you get your best shots while you're out exploring nature, we've asked Nat Geo Young Explorer and wildlife photographer Gabby Salazar to share a few ...

Week 5: Wk Beginning 20/4/20 -Year 5 Photography Competition 2020


At the present time, it is so important to remember beauty, hope and savour the enjoyment of nature all around us. I would like you to have a go at capturing the British Springtime and all the hope and beauty represented by the natural world in a single image and so this week I am launching a Year 5 Spring Photography Competition 2020 to see who can take the best photographs. (I may have to ask other teachers to judge it!). Below are some winning photographs from the BBC Countryfile Competitions in past years to inspire you! Good luck!


Winning photographs from Countryfile Photography Competition

Week 3. DIY Chick Card

Make this DIY Chick Card in Minutes! Leave it somewhere with an Easter message to cheer someone you live with up at this tricky time.

These are brilliant!

Continuous Line Drawing

Continuous Line Drawing Demonstration & Timed Drawing Exercise by AccessArt