"Living our Faith, Learning in Love"

"I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot, together we can do great things" Mother Teresa

"Love one another as I have loved you"John 13:34


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Fun Learning Activities.

Here are some activities that will hopefully make home learning a little more fun.


Lava lamp

Try making your own lava lamp. 

Use this video to help you.


Finger Painting. 

Use this video to help you with some finger painting. 



Try these lovely mindfulness activities. 

National History Museum. 

The National History Museum are doing a virtual tour. Take a look using this link.


Tower Challenge

Who can build the tallest tower? This song introduces the children to lots of different challenges. 

Here are some ideas



Make your own dragon




Scholastic have come up with a great list of different craft activities you can try at home. Take a look here



Fancy a new art activity. Why note try making this stain glass window. 

Activity Passport

Here's a list of some fun and different activities you can do in your house. 



Edible Slime

Why not try making your own edible slime! There of a few different recipes you can try here



Learning to cooks is very important for the children. In school we have learnt to make a fruit salad. Try some of the more adventurous recipes here


Salt Dough

Salt dough is fantastic for making different ornaments. We use it often in school. Why not try making your on creations. Click here for the recipe.  

Take a look at the picture below for some ideas- maybe you could make a rainbow for the NHS. 


Manchester United:

Manchester United have provided fantastic booklets to keep the children busy. They could try to create their own football stadium or completed the booklet of activities. Have a look at the documents below to find out more. 

Holy Week Activities

CAFOD have got lots of great home learning packs for Holy Week. 



Missing collective worship? Out of the Ark are providing free access to their wonderful songs during isolation. Give them a try!

Telling the time

Try using pebbles from the garden to learn to tell the time. In Year 1 we need to learn o'clock and half past. 

Science- will it float or sink?

Try choosing different objects around the house and see if they float or sink. Can the children predict if they float or sink first?


Shadow Drawing

Try use the little bit of sun we have to do some drawing! If he sun is not out you could use a lamp...safely!


Make your own Playdoh

Mix the following ingredients together to make your Playdoh.


Nature Activities.

Try some of these daily nature activities.


Using AR (Augmented Reality) you can bring a life size animal into your own house! All you need to do is type a animal into Google- e.g. Cheetah, scroll down and click `view in 3D`. This needs to be done on a phone. See the pictures below.




Need a colouring break?

 Try some of these Disney colouring activities. 


If you're feeling brave, try the following activity. It could be completed anywhere you like! The whole family could get involved. All you need is some masking tape and chalk. 

Can they make their own geometric design. 


If you haven't got any chalk, the children could complete this activity on a piece of card using felt tips and masking tape. 

Design and Technology

Lego Challenges:

- Try these daily challenges. To link with D&T the children could first draw their design, create it then evaluate what they have made.   Equally the children could enjoy completing the challenges!

Lego Challenges