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Tuesday 15th June

Wild Hamster Has A Graveyard Feast | Seven Worlds, One Planet | BBC Earth

If it fits in my cheeks, I eats! Wild hamsters roam the graveyards of Vienna in search of fresh flowers and candle-wax, sometimes with hilarious consequences...

Collective Worship: Fratelli Tutti animation | CAFOD

CAFOD Fratelli Tutti animationAn animation for KS2 primary pupils and secondary age pupils. Please click the CC icon (Subtitles/closed captions) to add subt...

Science. Today we are looking at lifecycles and, in particular, the lifecycles of mammals. Please watch the Lifecycles Video on Espresso (username and password is on today's timetable): Science-Key Stage 2 Subject Browse-Lifecycles-Lifecycles: Mammals. Afterwards there are three little activities to do. You need the sheets below. 1. Match the picture (who?) with what might be happening (what?) and the age (when?) 2. Now see if you can think of other things that might happen during that stage of life 3. Write down any questions you would like answering, or to explore about humans and their development and lifecycle. Challenge: Sort the muddle! Can you match the animal to its gestation period and average life span? Cut out the gestation period and life span rectangles and match them to the correct animal. Super Challenge: Can you fill in the table adding 3 animals that don't already feature?

Espresso Video