"Living our Faith, Learning in Love"

"I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot, together we can do great things" Mother Teresa

"Love one another as I have loved you"John 13:34


New Life

Jesus goes back to his Father in Heaven

The Ascension

After his resurrection, Jesus appeared to the disciples many times. On

the last occasion, the disciples became apostles and were instructed to

teach all people and baptise them in the name of the Father and the

Son and the Holy Spirit. Jesus said to them, “Teach the people to

observe all the commands I gave you. And know that I am with you

always; yes, to the end of time” (Matt 28:20).

We re-told the story of the ‘Ascension of Our Lord’ using role play and song.

We sang ‘A New Commandment I give unto you, Love one as I have loved you’ 

The Apostles were greatly puzzled. Jesus told them that they would receive power when the Holy Spirit came on them. Then, he was lifted up while they looked on, and a cloud took him from their sight.

On the same day as Jesus had risen from the dead, two of his friends decided to walk to Emmaus

We retold the story of the 'Road to Emmaus'... 

 We enjoyed time on the school field thinking carefully about the beautiful gifts God has given us…

These wonderful gifts are so precious we must work hard to look after our beautiful world. 

We know that God speaks to us through nature.

New life is happening all around us.

What do I hear him saying?

“Look after the flowers, do not pick them!” Aoife

“Water the plants and flowers they need water to live.” Aliyanna

“Love the new lambs that are being born.” George

“Don’t throw rubbish into the ponds, rivers and oceans- It will harm new life” Luca

“New life makes us feel happy it gives us love from God” Pheobe


We created beautiful Spring pictures in our transient art area…

Easter is a time of great joy and celebration. It is also a time of great hope, because the resurrection of Jesus shows us that nothing is impossible to God.

What makes you joyful this Easter?

What is your hope for the world? 

During the month of May we honour Mary Our Blessed Mother

We honoured Mary with floral gifts during our whole school ‘May Crowning’...

We enjoyed preparing our grotto area by clearing, planting and decorating. Please visit our little prayer area with your child...

We made miraculous medal bracelets...

Easter Sunday...

Mary Magdalene goes to the tomb where Jesus’s body has been laid, but the stone blocking the entrance has been moved. She thinks that someone has moved Jesus. How do you think this makes her feel?

"Worried,she can't find Jesus" Aliyanna

"Scared, where is Jesus" Jack

"She thought someone had taken him" Isabelle

"Shocked" Aoife

Jesus is risen from the dead, giving new life to us all. How does it make you feel to know that Jesus is risen? "Happy that Jesus is ok" Pheobe "Excited, he will see his mummy again" Luca