"Living our Faith, Learning in Love"

"I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot, together we can do great things" Mother Teresa

"Love one another as I have loved you"John 13:34


Writing Activities

Grammar Activity.


Try the following worksheet to practise their grammar skills. 

Description activity. 

Can the children describe a monster. See if they can use 5 or 6 sentences to describe the monster. Remember high frequency words where possible!

Writing booklet. 

Story Writing


Can you create a story about this picture?

Creating a Comic

This week, why not try creating your own comic. To get ideas, the children could write about that they have done during lockdown, or go into an imaginary world. Below are some templates for you. 

If you're feeling brave there is a website here you can create the comic online. The children may need a little help using it at first. 

Story Writing.


Using the story `The Dragon Machine` for inspiration. 

Can the children: 

  • Draw their own dragon and label it with adjectives. 
  • Write their own story about their dragon and the adventures it has. 
  • Acting our the adventures of the dragon first, can help the children to peice the tory together. 


Making Writing Interesting

Try to make children interested in writing can be very difficult. Have a go at a couple of these activities. Hopefully they will find at least 1 of them enjoyable!

  • Age UK Trafford are asking for letters or drawings to include with their care packges for the elderly. 
  • Make a short video clip on  phone or tablet. Can the children create an advert for their film? They could write a short description about their film. 
  • Do some cooking or baking. Once they have finished baking, they could create their own instructions or recipe.
  • Create and write their own comic.
  • Create a famil time capsule. The children could then write a newspaper report about it. 
  • Create a speech entitled: `If I ruled the world!`


What to expect from your child's writing. 

If you are unsure about as to what to expect from your child's writing then please click the document below.

However,  during this strange time, as long as the chldren are enjoying themselves and practising their spelling- they will be doing a fantastic amount of learning! 


When deciding what to write, work on what interest your child. They will therefore be much more focused on the writing and hopefully, to some degree, enjoy themselves!

Online Writing Resources and Activities

  • Writing Games- Here are lots of different writing frames for the children to use and different formats to help them create different styles of writing. 
  • Scholastic - Here are lots of different writing games to help children become more conifdent with their writing. 
  • Pobble- lots of ideas for childrens writing.