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"I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot, together we can do great things" Mother Teresa

"Love one another as I have loved you"John 13:34



Week 14 :Learn to JUGGLE 3 BALLS - Beginner Tutorial

Learn how to juggle 3 balls with professional juggler Taylor Glenn! In-depth explanations, tips, and troubleshooting to help you learn to juggle like an awes...

Week 13 (29/6/20) Is your Teddy brave enough?

Week 12 (22/6/20) Please have a go these Daily Challenges as part of Sports Week 2020

Week 11 (15.6.20) Chance to Shine Cricket Sessions: Week One - Cool Catcher

Try the first of our weekly skills challenges to support children to stay active. Find more FREE activities like this at bit.ly/CTSteachers

Week 11 (15.6.20) Chance to Shine Cricket Sessions - Week 2 Brilliant Bowler

Try the second of our weekly skills sessions to support children to stay active. Find more FREE activities like this at bit.ly/CTSteachers

Chance to Shine Cricket Sessions Week 3 - Super Striker

Chance to Shine cricket sessions - Week 4 Creative Cricketer

Week 4 - Creative Cricketer Time to put the skills developed into practice with a game! We've got two examples (one indoors, one outdoors) but want to see wh...

Week 10 (8/6/20) -Year 5 Challenge

Beth Tweddle interview part 1: My gymnastics career, university study and the World University Games

Ahead of the 2015 World University Games (Summer Universiade), we caught up with Great Britain's most successful gymnast and #WUGSGB alumni, Beth Tweddle. In...

Beth Tweddle interview part 2: the World University Games Experience

Beth Tweddle is a World University Games and Team GB alumna. Listen to her experiences at a WUGs - arguably the second largest multispot event in the wrold a...

Week 10 (8/6/20) #ThisIsPE - Gym shapes and travel

Here's some activities that are great to improve your child's posture and ability to move around safely, whether that's at home, school or elsewhere. JP Doku...

#ThisIsPE - Rock and roll gymnastics

www.yorkshiresport.org/ThisIsPE These activities will help develop your child's coordination, balance and strength, which is an important part of their devel...

Week 9 (18/5/20) How to Feel Your Heart Beat

Get to know your body's most important muscle -- your heart -- and learn how to take your own pulse! ---------- Like SciShow? Want to help support us, and al...

How to measure your heartbeat?

Your heartbeat is also known as your pulse. You can feel your pulse by placing two fingers on the left side of your neck.

To measure how many times your heart beats in one minute. Sit down quietly.

Use a timer to count how many beats you feel in 15 seconds. Multiply this by 4. E.g: 19 beats in 15 seconds x 4 = 76.

This will give you how many heartbeats you have in a minute while you are resting, also known as your resting heartbeat.

Watch the video: How to feel your heartbeat


  1. Measure your resting heartbeat. Record this number
  2. Choose an activity that will get your heart racing. Do this activity for a minute, as fast as you can. 
  3. Now measure your heartbeat - you should see a big difference. Record your heartbeat again. 
  4. Make sure your heartbeat has come right back down to your resting rate before trying another activity. 
  5. Repeat the steps and measure your heartbeat against some of the activities below.

Week 9 (18.5.20) #ThisIsPE - Horizontal climbing

In this lesson, we are going to look at climbing which is linked to the outdoor adventurous activities section of the national curriculum. This will help to ...

#ThisIsPE - Sock Wars

With all your socks vying to be chosen for a #ThisIsPE, it was inevitable that we would end up with...'Sock Wars!' Simon Hesketh is the PE and sport leader f...

Video 13 - 2020 VE Day Celebrations. Learn 'How to Jive' (Part 1 of 2).

Dancing like any other skill is all about practice. Very few people could describe themselves as natural dancers, ourselves included and so we have just had to stick at it. This video assumes you have never danced before and we break down both your arm movements and footwork for you. If we go too fast just rewind and start again. Here we look at the two foundation moves, open and close hold which the entire dance is built upon. Master these and you are well on the way to jiving just like the G.I's of World War II

Video 14 - 2020 VE Day Celebrations. Learn how to dance 'The Stroll' (Part 2 of 2).

As part of the VE Day Celebrations Surrey Jive and their dance troupe 'The Jive Squadron' were due to perform in Epsom, Surrey. With the outbreak of 'Coronav...

Strictly Come Dancing Pros ~ VE Day 70 A Party To Remember,

The Pros of Strictly dance at the VE Day 70 A Party To Remember, Video Credit @Clrhmly

WEEK6- CHALLENGE How many laps can you do in a week? How can you record it?

Can anyone complete the Bunny Jumps Easter Challenge?