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Spring Term -January 2021

Please write a detailed review of your reading/ and or a film that you watched over Christmas period. What did you like/ enjoy about it? Would you recommend it? In your view how could it be improved? How many stars would you give it? 

Week Beginning 23rd November 2020 -A WANDER IN THE WOODS- The latest competition from www.youngwiters.co.uk/wander-woods

A Wander In The Woods Mini Saga Writing Competition for 7-11 Year-Olds

A Wander In The Woods takes your pupils' imaginations on an adventure, whether you can do that outside or set the scene in your classroom. Winter is a wonder...

Look at the powerpoint for instructions, inspiration and ideas on how to enter. There is also a planning sheet and a version of the entry form.

A Defeating the Monster: Success Check

Beowulf: A Defeating the Monster Tale

Beowulf Animated 1998 Part 1/6

Narrated by Derek Jacobi and Joseph Fiennes this is one of the most famous ancient sagas ever told, Beowulf tells the tale of a young Danish warrior called B...

Your child will come home with a CGP comprehension book, this is a valuable tool to support your child with their reading and understanding skills.


Espresso Education is a great website for grammar and sentence work. 

Main and Subordinate Clause Song

Anchor Creative Education specialise in leading creative literacy sessions in primary schools across the UK. Anchor use a variety of drama activities, games ...

The Modal Verb Song

Anchor Creative Education brings you its up-temp, pop song all about MODAL VERBS. This song is an ideal resource for all of key stage 2 to sing along with in...

Cicada by Shaun Tan

Brendan Brumby narrates the audio book version of the children's classic "Cicada", featuring over dozen talented voices. Now you have read, seen and studied two books, can you review, compare and contrast them? Are there any common themes? Would you recommend them?