"Living our Faith, Learning in Love"

"I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot, together we can do great things" Mother Teresa

"Love one another as I have loved you"John 13:34



Modern Foreign Languages at All Saints'

Learning a Modern Foreign Language is such an important thing to do - for children and adults. Helping our children to learn to speak and understand another language widens their horizons and broadens travel opportunities, helping to make adventures to other countries even more fun! It helps our children learn more about, and appreciate, other cultures around the world. 

At All Saints' we learn to speak and understand FRENCH!

Through their experience of learning another language they are encouraged to continue to be curious about all languages.

We want our children to develop their understanding of the French vocabulary they hear and read and to feel confident to express themselves in conversation with another person, and to understand another person's response.

We want them to understand more about how the French language works and to explore differences (and similarities) between French and English in particular. 


Each year, we have a French Foreign Language Assistant (an FLA) who joins our school to help us all to learn French. All our children embrace the learning of this language and are helped to develop: 

1. a positive attitude to the French language recognising this language as an interesting and valuable subject

2. an understanding of the French language and culture

3. a range of learning strategies: working collaboratively and independently

4. confidence in conversing in French

5. an understanding or the importance of French and other foreign languages in everyday life


We learn French with the help of our FLA, using a variety of stimulating and active teaching approaches such as:

reading stories

- singing songs and rhymes

- playing games

- role play

- repetition, repetition, repetition

- practicing clear and precise pronunciation

- taking time to learn and reinforce each new skill

- reviewing and recalling previously learnt vocabulary and grammar skills

- having fun!