"Living our Faith, Learning in Love"

"I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot, together we can do great things" Mother Teresa

"Love one another as I have loved you"John 13:34


God's Family

Our Advent Journey

Our Advent Travelling Nativity


We enjoyed taking the Advent Travelling Box home to share with our family…


We gathered together with Year 6 during the first week of Advent to think about the Word HOPE. We listened to the Word Of God and thought about what we hoped for

I HOPE For …

Our Advent Journey…

We asked …How do we get ready for an important event?

“We clean our house” Will

“We have a shower and put nice clothes on” Naomi

“We buy decorations and yummy food” Ethan


We are trying hard to prepare for the birth of Jesus at home and at school by…

“Saying prayers to Jesus” Emmy

“Using our Kind hands and feet” Harry

“Sharing our toys with friends” James

“Thinking about people who have no food or homes” Delilah

“Helping children who have no toys or books” JJ

“Caring someone if they are poorly or sick” Anna

“Singing for Tiny Saints” Frankie

“Helping Mummy at home by making my bed in the morning” Will

“Helping my brother” Hay Yin

We enjoyed creating our Advent Wreath...

The Annunciation


We sang an Angel came from heaven and listened to the story, ‘The Angel Gabriel comes to see Mary’.


We read a scripture passage from Luke 1:19 and used drama to retell the passage.

We worked in small groups thinking about the scripture passage…

Who can we tell about Mary’s good news?

We can tell our family – JJ   

We can tell all our friends , it’s so exciting- Emmy

We could tell the other classes in the school- Ethan


• What can we tell them?


Mary is going to have a baby- Lockie .  


Mary will call the baby Jesus- Jesse


Gabriel brought Good News to Mary- Ada   


Mary said Yes - Elsie


• What else can we say?


Mary was so happy , she was having a baby- Chibuokem


Gabriel said he had come from God - Samuel


We know…

That for hundreds of years artists have painted beautiful pictures of the Angel Gabriel coming to Mary.

There were no cameras at that time to record this event, but here are

some paintings of how artists imagined what it was like.

We talked about the paintings-


I like this one, the colours are beautiful, they make me feel happy and warm – Delilah


The light coming down from heaven is so pretty and bright- Anna


Mary looks a little worried – Ada


We each wrote the word Yes on a sticky label and place it on our uniform- This will remind us later to tell our family the Good News!


During whole class Prayer time we thanked Mary for saying ‘Yes’ to God.


We know, Mary said yes to God and became the mother of His son Jesus.

We are learning to Pray the ‘Hail Mary’.


We will Remember Them...

The Last Post...

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All Saints’ Day

We have enjoyed celebrating All Saints’ Day by exploring the meaning of a Saint. We have been finding out about our All Saints’ House Saints’…

St Bernadette St Oscar Romero St Vincent De Paul and St Mother Teresa 

On All Saints’ Day we celebrated whole school Mass together as a school family…