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Phonics Activities

Split Digraphs


Try the following activities for the split digraphs (o-e, a-e, i-e, u-e, e-e). There is also a great game here.  

Phonics games. 

Read with phonics- this website has a free demo at the moment and has lots of great games! There is an app too. 

Phonics play- lots of great games here. Focus on the `phase 5` links. There is a free log in at the moment and a free trial too. 

Phonics bloom - great free games on here. Some games require a subscription but there are plenty that do no need it. Focus on the phase 5 links here too. 


If you would like to print some sheets, then i've uploaded some here. 


Read Write Inc


Ruth Miskin (creator of RWI) is doing daily phonics lessons on weekdays. Take a look here

Phonics Game

Why not try this `Read and Race` game. A fund way to help children to use their phonics skills. 

15 – 20 minutes daily phonics activities are very important for the children. The children can read the flash cards below. Here is a link to correct pronunciation of the sounds.    

In a normal phonics lesson we would:

  • Read the daily sounds. 
  • Focus on 1 sound for the day. 
  • Read words with that sound. 
  • Spell words using that sound. 
  • Read a sentence.
  • Write a sentence with one of the words from above.

Below is a document that has a short phonics lessons for you to try.

Here are different ways for the children to spell. To hopefully make it more fun!