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Phonics Activities

Read Write Inc


Ruth Miskin (creator of RWI) is doing daily phonics lessons on weekdays. Take a look here

Phonics Game

Why not try this `Read and Race` game. A fund way to help children to use their phonics skills. 

15 – 20 minutes daily phonics activities are very important for the children. The children can read the flash cards below. Here is a link to correct pronunciation of the sounds.    

In a normal phonics lesson we would:

  • Read the daily sounds. 
  • Focus on 1 sound for the day. 
  • Read words with that sound. 
  • Spell words using that sound. 
  • Read a sentence.
  • Write a sentence with one of the words from above.

Below is a document that has a short phonics lessons for you to try.

Here are different ways for the children to spell. To hopefully make it more fun!