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Remote Learning during Lockdown




Information for Families

(Please read alongside our Policy for Remote Education on the 'Curriculum / Class Pages' tab under 'Children')

The information is for our pupils and their families. It sets out the provision for remote learning for those children having to be educated at home. It is  is only a summary of the provision that we are making for remote and learning. If our families would like more detailed information, or they would like to discuss the home learning with us, we encourage them to get in touch with either their child’s class teacher or the Headteacher by telephoning or emailing school.


Our Curriculum

  • All Saints’ will do all it can to follow our Teaching and Learning Policy however, if may be necessary for teachers to have to make some adaptations when they provide education remotely
  • Teachers will continue to do all they can to maintain the high quality of teaching and learning by providing pupils with appropriate tasks and work to carry out at home
  • We will use our website to direct parents to approved sources where they can safely find appropriate, high-quality learning materials to support their children’s learning
  • Where homes and pupils do not have access to computers or the internet, we will provide alternative strategies and advice so that those pupils are not disadvantaged
  • Where necessary, we will provide appropriate materials for pupils to learn e.g. writing materials, rulers, pencils, paper, colouring materials and work books.
  • If and when it is made available, the school will use DfE additional funding to fill gaps in pupils’ resources and needs
  • Teachers will maintain regular contact with their class members so that they can support the learning, mental health and wellbeing of those in their class
  • We will offer appropriate support to those children with SEND and ECHPs


Teaching and Learning

  • In the event of a child having to learn remotely, we will do our best to provide opportunities for teaching and learning that meet the DfE recommendations of 3 hours per day for KS1 pupils and 4 hours per day for KS2 pupils
  • We will use a wide range of strategies for teaching and learning. These strategies will be designed to be appropriate for pupils’ ages, abilities and aptitudes and may include all or a combination of:
    1. teaching (online lessons)
    2. recorded teaching
    3. learning resources produced by teachers
    4. textbooks and reading books
  • recommended, appropriate safe websites
  • project work and research activities
  • We recognise the enormous difficulties involved with parents having to juggle their own work as well as that of their children, and very importantly - the significant challenges working remotely can have on children’s mental health and wellbeing. We are keen to work with our families and support in whatever ways we are able so that, together we can provide remote leaning which is accessible, challenging and fun. We encourage our children to work hard, persevere and to feel good about themselves.


Accessing Remote Education

  • Our school will use Zoom and Microsoft Teams for remote teaching and learning
  • Parents will be informed of how the platform can be accessed and offered appropriate support if they should need it
  • The internet will be used safely to maintain contact with pupils and parents to provide support for teaching and learning
  • Our policies for safeguarding, safe use of the internet and data protection will be applied at all times
  • We will follow the DfE guidelines and make appropriate provision for the continuing safeguarding, care and support of all pupils when they are using remote education, especially those who are vulnerable
  • We will continue to be available to offer help and advice to parents who request support with the provision of learning at home


Pupils who do not have Suitable Online Access at Home

  • If children do not have suitable online access at home we ask parents to contact school so that we can assist with this issue or we can help make alternative provision for those pupils
  • We trust that parents will establish good routines for home learning and ensure that their children carry out the learning activities to the best of their abilities
  • Teachers will be available to provide feedback on pupils’ progress and we will make sure we are in regular communication with the children, and parents
  • If a pupil’s engagement is of concern to parents we ask them to contact the class teacher who will offer advice and support. The teacher will explore the best strategies for improving the pupil’s engagement with the parent and then monitor the situation
  • Teachers will assess pupils’ progress and at appropriate points will give feedback to pupils and parents