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Our Governors

Welcome to our Governors’ section. 

Please find below details of how our Governing body is structured, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each Governor.


Committee Membership 2018 / 19


Buildings and Finance

Mrs Anita Fagan

Dr Rosie Donne

Mr Graham Perkins

Mr Michael Bendall

Mr David Bancroft

Mr John Skelhorn

Prof Paul Mativenga



Mrs Anita Fagan

Mr Graham Perkins

Father Ned Wall

Mr Michael Bendall

Dr. Rosie Donne



Mrs Anita Fagan

Mrs Kathy Sweeney

Mr David Kendal

Cllr Robert Chilton

Mrs Emma McCarthy



Mrs Anita Fagan

Father Ned Wall

Mr David Kendal


Headteacher’s Performance Management

Mr Graham Perkins

Dr. Rosie Donne




Mr Graham Perkins

Dr Rosie Donne

Mr David Bancroft


Pupil Discipline

Any uncompromised Governor


Chair of Governors

  • Mr Graham Perkins


Vice Chair of Governors

  • Dr Rosie Donne


Foundation Governor

  • Mr David Bancroft
  • Dr Rosie Donne
  • Mr Graham Perkins
  • Fr Ned Wall
  • Mr John Skelhorn
  • Mr David Kendal
  • Prof Paul Mativenga


Parent Governors

  • Mr Michael Bendall
  • Mrs Emma McCarthy


Statutory Right

  • Mrs Anita Fagan


Local Authority Governor

  • Cllr Robert Chilton


Staff Governor

  • Mrs Kathy Sweeney


Meet the Governors

Committee Meetings


Autumn Term 2018

Tuesday 25  September – Full Governing Body Meeting

Tuesday 30  October – Personnel Committee Meeting

Tuesday   6  November – Standards Committee Meeting

Tuesday 13  November – Buildings and Finance Meeting

Tuesday 28  November – Full Governing Body Meeting


Spring Term 2019

Tuesday 15 January – Standards Committee Meeting

Tuesday 22 January – Personnel Committee Meeting

Tuesday 12  February – Buildings and Finance Meeting

Tuesday   5  March – Full Governing Body Meeting


Summer Term 2019

Tuesday   7  May – Standards Committee Meeting

Tuesday 14  May – Personnel Committee Meeting

Tuesday 18  June – Buildings and Finance Meeting

Tuesday 25 June – Full Governing Body Meeting


Link Governors 2017 – 2018

Nursery (Alicia Murphy) Father Ned


and Paul Mativenga

Reception (Elizabeth Ostmeier)
Year 1 (Catherine Mayse) Emma McCarthy
Year 2 (Rachel Swanepoel and Sian Bowen)   John Skelhorn
Year 3 (Deirdre Flanagan) Rosie Donne
Year 4 (Jenny Brierley) Dave Kendal
Year 5 (Jenny Dutton) Michael Bendall
Year 6 (Kathy Sweeney) Graham Perkins


English Graham Perkins
Maths Michael Bendall
Science Emma McCarthy
PE Graham Perkins
Humanities Emma McCarthy
Music John Skelhorn
Art, Design and Technology     Paul Mativenga
IT Michael Bendall
Languages Dave Kendal
RE Father Ned
SEN Rosie Donne
Pupil Premium Rosie Donne
Safeguarding Rosie Donne
Health and Safety Dave Kendal